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youtube shut down musicoff channel

Musicoff’s YouTube channel shut down after hacker attack

After a hacker attack over the weekend, which we had promptly fixed, YouTube shut down our channel without giving us notice!

MAY 31/2022 – UPDATE!!!

YouTube have just completely reopened and restored our channel!
We rocked the boat in every direction yesterday, mostly thanks to the actions of all of you, and we thank you wholeheartedly for this huge success we built together!
We literally clogged the network with messages for YouTube staff, an entire community rallied with a request to recover the blocked account.
This is the manifestation of a healthy, real, and tremendously united family!

Now we invite you to celebrate with us and take another small step together by sharing the news and recovering the lost subscribers (over 5000). Maybe check, if you like, check to see if you still have notifications and subscription to our channel turned on.

Our YouTube channel, which has been an official partner of the platform for years, a reference point for musicians in Italy and also abroad, awarded with the Silver Button, with thousands of videos and a very solid reputation, was shut down without any warning by YouTube after we were victims of a hacker attack over the weekend that we promptly blocked on our own, restoring the channel to its original condition.

Today we feel doubly victimized by the crossfire of the cyber media, which unfortunately often act with inhuman coldness and without any warning, ignoring 14 years of history, doing serious economic damage to a company (and all its business partners) and equally enormous cultural damage to the entire audience of hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of onlookers.

We trust, however, that beyond the automatic actions of the bots, there are also real people in the YouTube staff who with foresight and care will soon be able to realize the damage and the very serious loss inflicted on so many people and on the platform itself, and that the situation can be resolved in the most appropriate way.

What happened over the weekend, the hacker attack

On the night of Friday, May 27, and Saturday, May 28, at 03:00 a.m. some friends from the Musicoff Young project phoned us and warned us that there was a live broadcast about bitcoin/cryptocurrency going on on our YouTube channel.

Thomas Colasanti, CEO of Musicoff and owner/admin of the channel, ran to check immediately and apparently the integrity of the account had not been compromised.
So he immediately blocked the live broadcast that the hacker bots had started and everything was back to normal.

Later Thomas himself did a live broadcast of a few minutes to explain to the users what was going on.

Unfortunately, hackers had taken all our videos offline and it took us two days of incessant work to restore everything (note that in these two days no communication came from YouTube and the incriminated live streaming had been blocked and deleted by us, with only damage to us because it had caused to lose several thousand subscribers).

The matter then had been promptly resolved by our own efforts, but this morning came the “cold shower” when we realized the account closure directly from YouTube.

It is really absurd that after 14 years of a channel like ours, with over 4,000 videos online, Silver Button and an strong reputation, we should have to witness this kind of judgment without a notice.

But as mentioned above, we hope that this can be fixed as soon as possible, because all of our work revolves around the creation of video contents, and the loss of thousands of videos is a damage that we do not hesitate to call unquantifiable, both in terms of culture and economics.