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Musician, guitarist, teacher, and for thirty years on the staff of the Italian monthly magazine: Chitarre ( He was responsible for personally supervising the digital elaboration of the scores published in the magazine. He was one of the foremost Italian experts on the use of an authoritative music notation program, Finale, about which he published a video entitled: Il Videomanuale del Coda Finale (Playgame Music). He was one of the creators of Chitarra Subito, monumental interactive course in 18 CDRoms published by De Agostini. He was responsible for the drafting of all the scores in The Lazio Atlante of Popular Music (A. Sparagna e R. Tucci, centro regionale per la documentazione dei beni culturali e ambientali del Lazio). He has published along with other writers various instructional manuals for Anthropos Editions, including Suonare la Chitarra Elettrica, Il Manuale di Chitarra blues, Cantare e Suonare il Rock Inglese. He is the author of two successful instructional DVDs, Chitarra Facile 1 & 2. He was the creator and editor of Internet & Music magazine. He currently organizes seminars throughout Italy entitled From Elvis to Tarkus: a close look at the true history of rock. He personally met George Martin (the fifth Beatle) in 2008, after purchasing the rights to translate and publish in Italy Sir George's book The Summer of Love (The Making of Sgt Pepper), now published by Edizioni La Lepre with the title "L'estate di Sgt. Pepper".

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